About Me

A somewhat toned down sports fan who used to think I could make a career in sports journalism.

Husband to Wendy and father to Andrew, Ryan, Luke and Micah.

If you must know I am a Butler University grad from 1994.

My favorite sports teams are:
College Basketball: Butler
College Football: Northwestern
NFL: Broncos
NBA: Pacers
MLB: Reds

I play Snooker and am somewhat of what you would call a billiards snob

I am a Sherlockian

Finally – I run – a lot – and have cured all the world’s problems on many a run.

and just because I don’t watch your team when my teams aren’t playing doesn’t mean I hate your team. I can only spend so much time blogging, watching my favorite teams, reading and watching Sherlock, running and playing snooker. The rest of the time is spent trying to continuously become the best husband and father I can be on any given day.

Oh – and did I mention I am a believer in Jesus Christ…


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I have seen some of your coments on my friend “CWolford” posted runs. I often wondered who this Rueff guy is. Today I was reading through running articles and noticed your name again. I read through your blog and saw your picture with Meb. That is when I made the connection! If I am not mistaken, we crossed paths a few times in that line because Meb was a bit late.
    I think you guys may live in my area as well. (Greenwood/whiteland area). I would love to run with you guys sometime. What kind of PR you shooting for this year?
    I did 1:45 last year, hoping for 1:39 this year.


    • Hey Brian – thanks for visiting the blog. Yeah Leenie got me on this running bug and I haven’t stopped – HA! We’d like to beat Ryan’s PR again at the Mini this year. Just not sure what to expect since he’s coming back from his injury/surgery, but if he runs like he has the last couple of weeks we should be in good shape. Yeah, that would be awesome sometime to get together for a run. 1:39 would be AWESOME! Are you seeded for the Mini?


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