Ryan a F-F-F-Foolin’

What is the saying about how time goes by fast when you’re having fun?

That’s it, right?

Well, let me tell you, it must be true with our training for this year’s OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon because I can’t believe we just finished week eight of our training with a 10-mile run yesterday.

I’m having a blast.

Ryan is too.

Yesterday’s run was a prime example of how much enjoyment we’ve been having since he returned from getting the all clear from Dr. Tentler in February.

When I opened the garage door to begin our warm up before the run there was a light rain coming down. Ryan looked at me with a sheepish grin on his face. He was going to get to run in his favorite weather condition of rain.

I tried to change his mind from running in the elements.

Ryan has somewhat been battling a cold this week. I looked at him and said, “Why don’t we take this run to the CLC (Mount Pleasant Christian Church’s Community Life Center) and run laps.”

This would give me an opportunity to truly find out how many laps it takes to make a mile at the indoor track. We’ve always been told it’s seven laps for a mile. When we ran there on St. Patrick’s Day we ran 49 laps thinking it was seven miles.

My Garmin said otherwise.

There’s no way it’s seven laps for a mile.

When we got home and looked at my watch it said we had already walked/ran 9.5 miles. I know it’s impossible I walked 2.5 from my office where I put the watch on to my car then drove to the parking lot and walked up the stairs to the track, ran the seven miles, then walked back to my car to go home.

“Uh, no,” Ryan replied.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because, Dad, we never know what it’s going to do on Mini Day,” he retorted still smiling from ear-to-ear.

It was still dark out as we warmed up. Per usual, I made sure we had on our reflective vests, headlamps, wrist lights and red blinker lights clipped on to the vest. I also decided we would try the little clip lights we got as the favor from OrthoIndy at the 6-mile race of the Miler Series at the beginning of the month.

Even though Center Grove Schools were still on the two-week spring break, I wanted to make sure we could still be seen. There were still people having to go to work. If that means we are lit up like human Christmas trees then as Happy Harry would say in “Pump Up the Volume” – “So Be It!”

We had barely run a quarter mile when Ryan’s little clip light came off his vest. He caught it in mid stride. We stopped and he put it back on.

It wouldn’t be the last time we’d have trouble with the little light.

We ran through the rest of Wakefield and into Innisbrooke. We had eclipsed the hill of the cul-de-sac on Innisbrooke Avenue when Ryan said, “Oh no.”

He again had caught his light and we stopped again.

“Give it here,” I said.

He handed it to me and I put in the zipper pocket of the hydration belt.

We had run about 3.5 miles of our planned 10 when this happened. I didn’t want to have to stop again for some stupid clip-on light.

We started to take off again to run around the circle and back up the hill to eventually leave Innisbrooke to go to the New Hope Church path. Then I noticed mine was gone.

“Stop again,” I said to Ryan. “Now, I’ve lost mine.”

I walked back around the circle. I went back up to the top of the hill of Innisbrooke Avenue.


Not being able to find the light made me not like the cold rain coming down even more. I was tempted to make an executive decision and say we were running to the CLC and would finish the final six miles running laps.

As much as Ryan loves the rain, I have a love/hate relationship with the condition when it comes to running. I love it in the summer. I loathe it for the most part in the fall and spring.

It’s one thing when it’s a hot summer day and the rain comes to cool you off. It’s down-right miserable though when it’s already cold and raining in the spring or fall. You just want to get the run over with and go on with your day.

Anyway, I went back to where Ryan was standing waiting for me.

He was laughing. He was pointing at me.

Ryan had my light. At some point as I put his in the hydration belt, he had taken mine.



This little light was the cause of of frustration and laughter after Friday’s run.


I’d been had.

“I got you!” Ryan said still laughing and pointing at me. “Watching you try to find yours. Seeing the confusion on your face was great!”

“Just give me the light,” I said as I took that one and also put in the hydration belt. I too began laughing with him.

“You never expected that, did you?” Ryan said still laughing as we started up again.

We ran to the New Hope Path and crossed Fairview Road into Pebble Run. We ran across Morgantown Road into Pebble Hills. As always made a quick water stop at the house where I grew up on Jackson Place. We are thankful for Dawn Stout (who know lives in my parents’ house) allowing us to leave the water and Gatorade bottles in the newspaper chutes.

After running through Pebble Hills we again crossed Morgantown Road into Pebble Run then back through Innisbrooke and Wakefield.

Ryan had a smile on his face throughout the run. I am not sure if it was because he was still proud of pulling off his sleight-of-hand trick or we were running in his favorite weather and terrain of all the hills in the subdivision where I grew up.

Actually, I think it was all of it.

Once we made the turn on Wakefield Road and I told Ryan it was “kick time,” I was happy when my Garmin said 10 miles and I could say “Stop.”

I had never looked forward to popping the contacts out, showering, getting my comfy clothes on, eating breakfast and hitting the books as much as I did yesterday after that rainy run.



Drying the kicks after a rainy, 10-mile run.


Another way we had fun during the month of March with our runs was on a few occasions to the irritation of our neighbors, we sang – ok we screamed – the “Butler War Song” the mornings of a Bulldog game or after a win in the tournament.



The morning of our run when we ran through the neighborhood singing the “Butler War Song.” Unfortunately, the Dawgs lost 92-80 to North Carolina that night.


Even before Ryan started running with me two years ago (by the way Ryan’s “Runversary” was St. Patrick’s Day, wow how he’s developed), I was told a great way to know you’re running an easy pace is if you can talk normally or even sing during the run.

Then again with Center Grove and some of the private schools on spring break, I am not sure if people did hear us. I know some dogs did because they howled along with us on a couple of occasions.

Unfortunately, there would be no singing or screaming of the “Butler War Song” after last Friday’s run as the Bulldogs lost to North Carolina.

We had fun in March with Ryan’s practical jokes and singing the “Butler War Song.” We also got a lot of training done. We ran 104 miles for the month. Friday’s run also finished off the most we had run in a week at 27.35.

I wanted to get that 10-mile run in yesterday before the finale – a 10-mile race – of the Indy Miler Series next Saturday. The previous two races (three-and-six-mile races were the farthest Ryan had run at that point in his return). I didn’t want that last race to be his farthest run in training. I felt he needed this one as a boost to his confidence.

As we get into the tough part of this training cycle – some runs with pyramid intervals and double-digit long runs – we’ve also started using the Runner’s World IronStrength Workout by Dr. Jordan D. Metzl. Ryan does his brain balance exercises, which incorporate some push-ups, sit-ups, and planks. As for me, all I had been doing was running and that can’t be good. I thought this would be a nice change and help us push through especially when we hit that wall at mile 10 of the Mini May 6. I have already felt a difference in me and can see an improvement in Ryan. The kick at the end of our runs is gradually coming out of neutral.



I look dead and there’s Ryan’s looking like he’s ready to go after a session of IronStrength.


We are trying to get the rest of the family to join in.

So, if the saying is true then Ryan will continue to have a lot of fun with hills and April Showers as we continue his comeback in training for the Mini.


One thought on “Ryan a F-F-F-Foolin’

  1. What a great update! Glad to see everything go so well for you both!


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