A Deal is a Deal

Feb. 1, 2017 10:40 p.m.

Dearest Competitor in Me:

It’s time.


By this time tomorrow, Ryan should have walk/run with me for about 30 minutes after I get home from work.

That’s because if all goes according to plan, Dr. Tentler will have released him to resume running again after a two-mont hiatus.

You, my friend, accomplished what you were meant to do during the two months while Ryan recovered from his surgery for the removal of the subungual osteochondroma from his big left toe.

You kept me sane during my busy period at “The World on Time” with several “Runs offs of Frustration” before and sometimes after work in December. Even after a 13-hour day, there were those nights when I got home and needed to run to clear my “mind palace” before even thinking about going to sleep because of how crazy the day had been.

You helped me set a new PR for my 10k on New Year’s Day for Coach Jenny’s Virtual Challenge Race. Despite the chilly-25-degrees making two laps around the regular 5k route Ryan and me usually take, you kept me motivated to make each mile faster than the one before.

The goal for the race was to run the 6.2 miles at a 7:30 pace. Thanks to you and your talking to me in my “mind palace” I achieved negative splits and a new 10K PR for my Garmin with a time of 44:39.7 for a pace of 7:12 for “race.”

You even did your best that day I ran with Brian Wilson. Even though I was uncertain I could keep up with newly minted Boston Marathon qualifier, you pushed me and reminded me I had run faster for longer than the 8.25 we did that morning.

You did yourself proud on the couple of mornings where I didn’t want to get out of bed. You successfully nudged me to pull off the covers to either put on the layers to run outside or the sweats to drive over to the Mount Pleasant Community Life Center to run on the dreadmill.

For all of that, I thank you.

But, a deal is a deal.

You had sole control of me for two months. It’s time for you to go away from the running aspect of my life.

Ryan’s back. It’s time for Me the Dad to take over from here. It’s the beginning of his comeback.

One of the promises I made to Wendy and to myself upon Ryan’s return to the pavement was this training cycle for the OneAmerica 500 Festival Mini Marathon would be about one thing – fun.

I promised not to train him out the ridiculous as I started to for last year’s Mill Race Half Marathon, which eventually led to the surgery Ryan had on Nov. 29.

Mileage and time won’t matter. Just getting out and running together is the most important thing to accomplish these next weeks leading up to “the greatest spectacle in running.”

Who knows, Ryan may surprise us all with his fresh legs and be ready to torch the pavement sooner rather than later. He may be the one I have to contain instead of myself these first few weeks of training.

The Competitor in Me, please don’t look at it like it’s the end. Because really it’s not. Just because you’re leaving from running doesn’t mean you’re leaving my “Mind Palace” altogether.

You have a couple of other aspects in my life where you’re really going to be needed these next few months. Like always, you’ll keep pushing me to put forth my best efforts regardless of the situations.

The journeys will be long. There will be the proverbial peaks and valleys, but in the long run (haha), when we finish you’ll see that they were worth it.

Who knows, you might be called upon later this year as we begin training in the summer for our goal race – the Monumental Half Marathon on Nov. 4.

For now, again I thank you for your two months. It’s my turn now.


Me the Dad


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