Stitches Out

Dec. 15, 2016 11:01 p.m.

It’s been 16 days since Ryan’s surgery to remove the subungual osteochrondroma.

He went back to see Dr. Tentler this morning to have the stitches removed from the incision made Nov. 29.

According to Wendy, Dr. Tentler is pleased with the healing process at this point. The toe remains slightly swollen, but at this stage in the recovery after the surgery, Dr. Tentler said it’s going to plan.

Ryan will stay in the surgical shoe for two more weeks. He will then be reevaluated.

For those wondering, that means we still don’t have a tentative date of when he can return to any sort of running. He also cannot do the elliptical or stationary bike.

I’m still shooting for the middle of January or the first of February. It’s beginning to look like the first race of the Ortho Indy Miler Series in downtown Indianapolis Feb. 11 will be an easy training run.

I’m Ok with that. Actually, it will be interesting if Ryan’s alright with the philosophy once he returns.

Trust me, Ryan’s been trying to get away with running or spinning when he sees the opportunity. Every time, we hear him revving up, we either yell from wherever we are to tell him to stop or run into the room and tell him.

Wendy mentioned that to Dr. Tentler during the appointment.

Wendy said, Dr. Tentler looked at Ryan and seriously looked at him and said, “NO RUNNING!”

“Why?” Ryan asked.

“You’re still in the healing,” Dr. Tentler replied. “The subungual osteochrondroma could return.”

“Oh. I don’t want that.” Ryan said.

“I don’t want it either,” Dr. Tentler said.

Even though Ryan can’t run, I couldn’t resist a sale on our running shoes earlier this week.

Ryan and mine models of shoes were on sale at a ridiculous price earlier this week on the Brooks website. A lot like my Dad when he would see a deal, he stocked up on certain items.

For instance of my Dad taking advantage of a bargain, after we cleaned out my parents’ house in 2011, we didn’t have to buy toilet paper or Kleenex for five years.

Heeding my Dad’s theory, I have set us up for 2017 when it comes to shoes.

I gave Ryan a pair of his as one of his birthday presents Wednesday. Wendy took them to show Dr. Tentler during the appointment.



Ryan with his new Butler Cross Country shirt and new Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16s.


Dr. Tentler said they were the best shoe possible for Ryan’s stride and also for the mileage he usually runs.

I also had Wendy ask about the possibility of orthotics inside the shoe to help with Ryan and keep from the subungual osteochrondroma ending up on the right toe.

Dr. Tentler said there would be no need for any additional support in Ryan’s shoes.

In the meantime, we have to keep him from running and spinning.

Easier said than done especially with any 14-year old.




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