Post Op Day 7 – Check up

Dec. 6, 2016

Today was Ryan’s first check up with Dr. Tentler.

I am happy to report all looks good and progressing nicely according to Dr. Tentler.

If you ask Wendy, she’ll tell you, “That toe still looks gross.”

I wasn’t able to attend the appointment today because of work. When you’re “Santa’s Little Helper” at “The World On Time” knowing all that would be done was being told the pathology results, examine the toe and see if the stitches would be ready to be taken out at the next check up, you learn what battles to pick with your work boss.

As much as the special operation I “lead” at work frustrates me during the month of December, it’s well worth it knowing when I need times off for other special events with the boys my manager grants them to me. For example coming in late on Saturday mornings because Ryan and I race or one of the other boys has an evening activity during the week and I need to take off early to get to it on time.

Here’s what I can tell you from Wendy’s “report.”

The pathology reports came back negative, which is what Dr. Tentler predicted.

The toe does look great for one-week post-surgery, Dr. Tentler said. He plans to take the stitches out next Thursday.

The subungual osteochondroma was about the size of a lima bean with a stalk attached to it, which is why he had to take out the additional part of cartilage last week during the surgery.



A lime bean – the size of Ryan’s subungual osteochondroma.


Ryan will likely remain in the surgical shoe or flip flops for the next two weeks after the stitches are taken out next Thursday.

Thus, we really don’t have a time table on when he can even think about coming back to running with me.

Like I have previously said, we are in no hurry. He’s got plenty of years of running left. We should go ahead and be as conservative as possible on the return. The last thing we need is Ryan getting injured again trying to rush back to where he was before the surgery last week.

After dinner, tonight, Micah and I played some fierce games of snooker downstairs in the basement. When we went upstairs, Andrew, Luke, and Ryan were having quite the “Harry Potter Wand” war.

I looked into Andrew’s room Ryan was on the floor playing dead. Andrew and Luke battled each other calling out various curses.



Ryan acting dead after being hit with a curse from Luke during Tuesday’s “Harry Potter” wand war.


Ryan was Dr. Watson and Andrew was Sherlock. Each time Ryan got up after being cursed by Luke’s wand, Ryan called out to Andrew saying, “Sherlock, get him! Get him before he helps Moriarty!”

We can only assume Luke was Lord Voldemort.

I’m happy none of them hit me with the dreaded “Abracadabra” curse as I entered the room.


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