Post-Op Day 5

Dec. 4, 2016 11:13 p.m.


We had a HUGE breakthrough this morning.

Originally, Ryan and I had planned to not go to church. We had thought best to stay home so he could rest and not take any chances of injuring the toe in a freak accident in his Sunday school class or it somehow getting wet.

After I returned from my run this morning, we decided we would chance it.

Everyone got dressed and we made the two-minute drive to church.

Sarah the Dolphin did not

If you have seen the pictures, you have seen Ryan holding the stuffed animal. It’s his woobie (for those who remember the movie “Mr. Mom”). Since his surgery on Tuesday, he held on to Sarah for dear life. Wherever Ryan went Sarah the Dolphin went with him.

Until this morning.


Ryan walked from the van to the building and then to his classroom. He wasn’t even trying to be careful when he walked. Ryan moved with a normal stride. There were times if you didn’t look down, you wouldn’t know he was wearing the surgical shoe.

After the service and before we went to the van, Ryan and I went to see our friend Brian Wilson. Wilson asked Ryan how he was doing and said it was good to see him up and walking.

The rest of the day Ryan spent it on the couch or getting up and walking around his path on the first floor of the house.

He hasn’t ventured downstairs to the basement. That might be something we attempt to do after his follow-up appointment Dr. Tentler on Tuesday.

After his school work tomorrow, I’ll bring his Beyblades up for him to play. He’s been talking about them a lot the last two days.

He usually sits on the floor to play with the top-like toys in the basement. That’s been hard for him on the couch with his leg propped up.

Ryan didn’t hold Sarah until he went to bed tonight.


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