Post-op Day 2

Dec. 1, 2016 10:53 p.m.

Ryan began the day getting up and walking to the pantry then pouring himself a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk.

He walked over to the kitchen table and ate breakfast. He took his bowl and glass over to the sink. He followed that by making his usual path around the house – similar to like he did when he would run around in the mornings prior to his running with me.

Ryan still limped around, but getting up and moving like he did is a great sign.

He also still hasn’t complained about being in any pain with his toe. He also has yet to take any pain medication.

Later this evening before we tried to have him go upstairs to shower and sleep in his own bed tonight, we told him to take one more lap around the house.

Ryan got up and walked around the island in the kitchen. He turned to go toward the dining room table. He actually tried to go full stride toward the table.

Wendy and I both held our collective breaths. Then we screamed, “WHOA!” “STOP!”

Ryan made it upstairs all by himself tonight. We had him sit on a step stool and we covered the foot in a trash bag and wrapped it around a towel as he showered. Then he got his clothes on and made his way to his bedroom.

We got his leg propped up. He looked around his room and saw his huge Link – from Legends of Zelda – doll in the corner of his room.

“Oh, Link, come on. Seriously?” Ryan said.

Link wasn’t standing upright. He leaned against the wall. His quiver also had come off his back and was on the floor. Not to mention, Link’s shield wasn’t in the right position.

Wendy tried to get the shield where Ryan always has it. She wasn’t getting it right.

“No, Mom,” Ryan said. “It goes like this.”

Wendy again tried to place it where Ryan demonstrated, but still wasn’t getting it right.

“Let me do it,” Ryan said.

Ryan finally got the shield where he wanted it. Wendy placed Link back in the corner.



Link, the protector of Ryan’s room.


We finished tucking Ryan in and said good night. As he had the previous two nights on the couch, he was almost instantly asleep as we turned out the lights.

I think the week has gotten to all of us. It’s Thursday and I had gotten an e-mail earlier in the week about the Blizzard of the Month – candy cane oreo blizzard.

Considering it’s the first week of my busy season at work along with Ryan’s surgery and now recovery process, I thought this would be a chance to enjoy one of my guilty pleasures. Even if it meant breaking the food rules.

For a reminder – After my Mom died in February of 2007, I made it a point to go to my parents’ house on Thursday nights. My Dad would bake one of those Tortino pizza’s for me. Afterward, we’d also divulge into “Rueff-size” bowls of ice cream while watching either the male version of a soap opera – professional wrestling – or a sporting event.

Anyway, as I got home from work tonight, Wendy was getting ready to take Andrew to his Bible study. As she began to walk out the door, I mentioned, “Hey, DQ. Candy Kane and Oreo blizzard.”

“Candy cane?” she asked.

“And oreo,” I responded.

She came home with just an Oreo blizzard.



My guilty pleasure during the holiday season – Candy Cane Oreo Blizzards.



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