Time Got Away, Seriously

Time flies. It truly has. I thought for sure I had posted on here a couple of times after my recap of the Mill Race Half Marathon back in OCTOBER.

Obviously, I was wrong. We’ve had a lot transpire since three months. That’s a quarter of the year. Think about that for a moment. I do and I wonder how did the time slip away? Trying to write in December rarely works for me with what I do at “The World on Time” being Santa’s little helper and all. November there should have been at least two posts or a combined post about the races Ryan and I ran during that month. Micah and Ryan have also had two more evaluations at Brain Balance.

They have plateaued some during the last few months. We figured this would be the case. I believe though some of it could be from life. With school and other extra-curricular activities with everyone in our house, you get the sense you never sit down. I mean NEVER.

To catch you quickly up on Brain Balance:

Visual Stimulation

Micah has maxed out in eye movement and coordination and moved up a point in eye movement and two in eye reflect. He has stayed the same at converging and diverging.

Ryan also has maxed out with his eye movement and coordination and moved up four points in eye reflex. Unfortunately, he has stayed the same the last three reviews in eye movement and has not improved at all with converging and diverging. This is disheartening particularly because aside from Brain Balance, Ryan also goes to vision therapy once a week and has separate exercises he must work on besides the ones at Brain Balance. There are times when I really wonder if that will ever happen for him. Basically, when he reads the words on the page look like they are constantly moving.

Core Stimulation

Micah has reached the middle of levels. This is probably an area where if he wouldn’t try to get the mat work exercises done as fast he can he would be close to maxing out. Ryan continues to build up as well. We have actually added some planks to help and also bridges with leg raises. These are primarily exercises we work on at home. We are constantly working with both of them to do them the proper way. It’s become more apparent we need to do these first thing in the morning – especially after Ryan and I get back from our run – and before they begin a new activity after lunch or dinner. The great thing though is they have improved by 6 and 6.5 levels since April, respectively.

Motor Skills

Both haven’t changed much in any of the sub categories of Fine Motor, Body Awareness and equilibrium. The highlight though since posting my last review is both can now tie their shoes. That is something neither one of them could ever do before we started Brain Balance.


A slight improvement for Micah. He continues to have real trouble with the interactive Metronome and that’s another exercise we constantly work with at home. It’s still 5.5 times better than it was in April, which is great progress considering where he was when we first began.

I think we can attribute Ryan’s continued progress in his gait to running. He has progressed in every progress report. When he started back in April he was at a 1 and has since moved up to a 12 with 15 being the max level. Like Micah though, Ryan needs improvement with the interactive metronome – another one we need to make sure we make a better effort to do with in-home exercises.


Both have shown huge advancements in almost a year of going to Brain Balance. I’m not sure we could be doing a lot of the other activities they participate in if it hadn’t been for getting them this help. If we can be sure to put forth the extra effort here at home then the results in the next reports will show the greater progress we all look to see.



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