Quick Catch UP

There’s a lot of things I would really like to blog about. For people who have happened upon the site and sometimes follow me – sorry for lack of post but I have a bit of a situation right now. I currently don’t have a laptop which means using one of the two laptops in our “school room.”

I had hoped to blog a lot about the NCAA basketball tournament, the beginning of the Cincinnati Reds season and the World Snooker Championship, but one morning my laptop suddenly died and the mother board crashed beyond repair. Thus I am in the process of looking for a new laptop or computer of some sort because I can’t function on either one of these laptops we have because who knows when my wife or four sons would need them. Plus I need to be able to have it constantly in my “Mind Palace where I can have total control.

My severe case of writer’s block at times recently seems to have subsided. Not to where it was in November when I finished my novel for NaNoWriMo but the itch to write on a more consistent basis has felt the need to be scratched of late. I really did like the four chapters I typed in November to finish. Now about the first 26 – that seems to be a sticking point. It needs a lot of tweaking. As I talked to one of my writing friends the other night my writing has changed so much over the years for the last four chapters to match the first 26 there definitely would need to be revisions.

For those wondering – I am still running but have decided it will be awhile before I race again. I really stretched myself last year for that Indianapolis Half Marathon at Fort Ben. To the point where I really do feel like I left some of my soul on the course. I seriously doubt I could train as hard and well as I did for that race.

I am going to pseudo train and mimmick a training plan but the hill repeats won’t be run for those days when I ran Skyline Drive I most likely will just run my hill routes.

I look forward to hearing the stories my other friends who will run again this year for Team World Vision as well as those who will run it for the first time. I hope to help any of them in any way I can as they train for the race set for Oct. 18.

Also my vacation guidelines at work have changed – I have to take them in full week increments – I can’t just take three and then later on use two. I get four other days but my sons are wanting me to use those for their birthdays. Can’t argue with that one. Which makes working Saturdays extremely tough.

So there’s the update of how things are transpiring right now. Hopefully I will have the computer situation settled soon – especially by November when NaNoWriMo once again will have my keyboard smoking.


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