Night Before the Super Bowl – I will sleep

I am wrapping up finishing touches of having the house ready for tomorrow’s HUGE Super Bowl Party.

I have waited 15 years to host a party in which my team was in the big game. Tomorrow that day arrives as my Broncos face the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

For the last six years I have not slept the night before the Super Bowl. Once the house is ready or I have finished watching the last basketball game I want to watch for the day I either sat on the couch or now down in my man cave and watch “For Love of the Game” over and over again until it’s time to go to church next morning. You see it’s the last movie my mother and I saw together in a theater.

Since she passed away on Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 4, 2007 I have watched that movie on the eve of the Super Bowl each year. This year though with the Broncos in the big game I decided not to watch the movie this year. I have been quite ecstatic this week. I have not had grief attack me as it has during this week in the past.

My wife looked at me last week and asked – “Are you going to be more of wreck this week than you normally are since the Broncos are in the Super Bowl?”

I replied – “No. I’m quite at peace with myself about everything. If anything I am not going to be nervous about what happens Sunday. My team is in the big game and to be honest that is just fine. I will be uncontrollably happy if they win. I’ll be bummed if they lost but I have enjoyed this time gearing up for Sunday.

Besides if this goes the way Broncos Country and myself see this tomorrow I’ll will watch the football version of “For Love of the Game.” Peyton Manning playing the role of Billy Chapel and orchestrating a perfect performance against the vaunted No. 1 defense in the National Football League – the Seattle Seahawks.

I have chided with my friends – who are mostly Colts and Peyton Manning fans – that Elway is by far the Master based on the fact he’s been to five Super Bowls compared to Manning’s now three. But let’s face it. Manning has already solidified himself as the greatest ever with or without the playoffs fortune. Winning tomorrow – CEMENTS IT!

Two weeks ago with all that Brady vs. Manning hype the sports pontificators got to me. I really thought those two had played for like six or seven AFC Championship games. Instead it was three. THREE! And with the Broncos 26-16 win over the Patriots at Sports Authority Field at MileHigh PFM now leads Brady 2-1 in AFC Championship games. Let’s also be clear in most of those head-to-head meetings in regular season or playoffs Brady had the better team. He was expected to win.

With Manning’s 2-1 edge in winning “Trips to the Super Bowl” games and his regular season records he trumps Brady in my book.

All this time the weather has been declared an issue. It doesn’t look like it will be that big of a concern at kickoff and already this season Manning put that aside with his performance in 18-degree weather against Tennessee, which at the time was the 3rd toughest defense against the pass in the NFL.

The key tomorrow comes from the defensive side of the ball and not the Seattle’s but Denver’s. If Pot Roast and the rest of the defense can attack the run as it did against the Patriots hopefully it forces Russell Wilson to throw the ball. And if that’s the case the chances for Broncos win elevate. It also would not surprise me to see Champ Bailey make a couple of huge plays tomorrow – because of his injuries and now playing at almost full strength he is due for a play or two in this game.

No score prediction – just hope for a great game which has been hyped for two weeks and of course at the end of it a Broncos win.


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