The Diagnosis

I have what the doctor describe as a deep peroneal nerve neuritis. Basically I have done something – more than likely overuse – to my left foot which has inflamed the nerve in my foot.

The treatment will be conservative with a lidocaine patch to put on my foot and we’ll go from there. The good news though is the doctor told me I could go back to running. I am looking forward to getting out and running on the pavement this week.

Looking forward to this being the springboard back to running on a regular basis and eventually getting back up to 20-25 miles a week where I was prior to this injury sidelining me for the entire month of December. I had looked forward to running the Runner’s World Run Streak as well as some other fitness challenges.

Not sure what my race schedule will be for 2014. Would like to do Geist Half in May and definitely some 5ks and four milers around the Central Indiana area. We’ll see though.

BTW – my Butler Bulldogs playing strong heading into a big game tomorrow night with Villanova. The Bulldogs are in the new version of the Big East Conference. So far they have exceeded my expectations and I hope they continue to do so as conference play begins.

Also Sunday begins the new season of Downton Abbey on PBS and then Jan. 19 it’s Downton followed by Sherlock – everything stops for those two shows – appointment TV as I like to call it.

The Broncos – I got too excited about them last year and they broke my heart. Thus I enter this playoff season with reservations especially if it’s #18 v. the Colts Part Deux on Jan. 12.


2 thoughts on “The Diagnosis

  1. Glad to hear it’s not serious and you can be back to running!! Stay strong and enjoy the run!! 😀


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