Injuries suck

Plain and simple the title of this post says it all.

I have suffered my first major set back since really taking running seriously back in May. I am frustrated with myself because from the beginning I have done all the pre and post workout regime in regard to remaining what I thought would be injury free. Guess I was wrong.

I have suffered a strain to theĀ dorsal talonavicular ligament in my left foot. I knew something was wrong when I could feel my foot “pulling” as I pushed off my foot and then also sometimes when I take a step I have a burning sensation in my foot.

Being that I am former student athletic trainer from my high school days I am always trying to stay in tune with my body if I begin to feel a pain or think something is wrong. I did some research on my own and thought possibly I may have tendinitis. Then one night last week while we were watching television my wife looked down at my foot and said “Hey, your foot is quite swollen.” I replied – “No, it’s not.” So to appease her I iced it for awhile.

Later that night I contacted a friend who is an athletic trainer at one of the local high schools who I trust. I went and saw him Wednesday afternoon. He confirmed my foot was in fact swollen. We fortunately have ruled out I have a stress fracture and the primary diagnosis is the mild strain to the ligament. From my own research the injury is mainly caused from overuse – which makes sense to me because I really did over do it running wise the week of my birthday when I ran 20-25 miles that week. That is the most I have ran since the Indianapolis Half Marathon back in October.

He told me not to run on it for a week and to ice and take Advil. My problem with this completely healing is I am constantly on my feet at my job. The last two days have not helped as I was at work for at least 10 hours each day. Today is the first day where I have spent most of it completely off my feet icing every hour for a few minutes and relaxing. Hopefully the rest from this week will help and I can try to run Wednesday.

The funny thing about this is I looked back through my journals and I injured the same foot in almost the same location back in 1988 when I was playing JV basketball. That time though I had help with the foot getting injured as an opposing team’s player grabbed my foot as I came out of the pile with the loose ball.

The one thing this has proved to me is I need to add cross training to my workout regime again. I need to swim and or bike. I really wouldn’t mind getting a swim pass at the IUPUI Natatorium. I like swimming and it would definitely give me the workout I would be looking for on the days I don’t run. I have put it on the top of my Christmas wish list to my wife.

Until then, I’ll rest, ice and watch sports and be Dad to my sons, The Fabulous Rueff Boys and husband to my wife.


One thought on “Injuries suck

  1. Sounds like you are doing exactly what you need to do. Listen to your body. I actually just had a similiar conversation with someone. It seems that you cant stretch and strengthen every portion of your body your going to have an ache / pain somewhere. Some days I question if my body is even made for running. I am not the fastest out there but I do enjoy the people you meet with running. It is a stress relief and as long as it continues to make me smile I will continue to do it. You definetly need to cross train and add strengthening to your regime again to go farther. Be patient and keep pushing farther.


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